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About So Lovingly

Welcome to SO LOVINGLY

My name is Trinh Vo and I live currently in Sint Pieters Leeuw, Belgium. After many years travelling and working around the world, I found my way back into beauty industry.

I started my journey of becoming Phi Brows artist since 2019; with a small 16-meter squares salon with nothing but hard work, great passion and dedication to shaping eyebrows, lips and eyes. I enjoy making my clients happy every single day. I love this job!

Let’s bring my years of trainings and experiences to you, our dear visitors to enhance your original and natural beauty look.
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So lovingly permanent makeup beauty studio


New technique in semi-permanent make-up.
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Powder Brow

Powder Brow

Semi-permament powder technique. Introducing the pigment into layer of skin, fulleer but very soft natural-looking eyebrows.
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Phi Removal

Pigment Removal

An efficient and safe method to remove unwanted tattoo and permament make-up
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Why Semi Permanent make up

Enhance the shape

Semi-Permanent Make Up allows to enhance the shape of eyebrow symmetrically, look even and fuller with realistic hairstrokes. It saves times and effort without applying make-up every day.

Organic pigment

Before creative work begins, I dedicate time to understand your business, your brand and your vision. Through the given information provided by you, I will do a tailored discovery to which I will then apply to the design process.

Perfect under all circumstances

Suitable for clients finding difficulty apply make-up yourself, cover imperfect scars or the hair loss of eyebrows, clients who are allergic to excessive make-up products. With semi-permanent make up, pigments are not fade away over the years

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Frequently asked questions

What is Semi Permanent Make Up?

Permanent Make-Up, Semi Permanent Make-Up, Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing are names referring to the procedure of the introduction pigments into the dermis layer of skin.
The new technique, application pattern and improvement in the quality of pigment nowadays often give a better result than before.

PMU is nowadays also called Semi Permanent Make-up. The prefix Semi stands for the short-term effects of the treatment that usually last from 1 to 3 years. The treatment tends to be is milder than when pigmented on skin and gives a more natural result.

The application of Semi-Permanent Make Up is most popular for face such as treatment for eyebrows shaping, eyeliner, lips colouring, camouflage scars, a deft lip, or even a reconstruction of nipples

How long does it take during the treatment?

A SPMU treatment usually consists of two treatments or more, depends on skin types
The first treatment takes about 3 hours
The second treatment takes about 2 hours
The first week the pigmentation will be noticeably darker than the result. Due to the natural cell renewal, the result of the pigmentation will only be visible after a period of approximately 4 weeks.
Depends on the skin type and the lifestyle, the healing process and the intensity of pigment are different per person. The intensity of pigment can lose between 30% and 70% within a month after the peeling and healing process of skin.
Follow-up treatment takes place 6 to 8 weeks after the first treatment.
Corrections can be made during this post-treatment.

How long do the pigments stay on skin?

The duration depends on the skin and lifestyle. On average, the eyebrows remain beautiful for 1.5 to 3 years.

It is recommended to have a follow-up treatment on average every 2 year. Since the pigmented will be slightly faded over the time, but the eyebrow model will still be intact.

With extremely oily skin, the eyebrows can fade at an earlier stage, for this an extra touch-up treatment is performed free of charge.

Does the treatment hurt?

A PMU treatment is generally not experienced as painful. The sensitivity during treatment varies from person to person. Some compare the sensitivity during treatment with epilation.

It is possible to request a prescription numbing cream from your doctor. You can take these with you during the treatment. However medication such as aspirin or pain killer is not recommended prior or after treatment.

What are the risks of SPMU in general?

Putting on (semi) permanent make-up comes with risks. Therefore, make sure you are well rested and well informed prior to the treatment. Inform the practitioner about any medication use or skin problems, allergies, epilepsy and hypersensitivity reactions.

In some circumstances, the treatment should not be applied as followings:

  • in places where you had plastic surgery or radiation in the past year
  • on a scar less than a year old
  • in a place where PMU treatment was done less than six weeks ago
  • in a place where botox treatment was done less than three months ago
  • in a place where a PMU or tattoo was removed less than three months ago or where the laser wound has not yet healed
  • on irritated skin such as bumps, dark moles, open skin or swellings
  • if you are under the use of alcohol or drugs recently.
  • if you are pregnant.

In addition, it is not recommended to have (Semi) Permanent Make-Up if you suffer from one of the following conditions:

  • diabetes
  • haemophilia
  • chronic skin disease
  • allergy to pigments or other materials with which PMU is made
  • immune disorder
  • cardiovascular disorders

Do you have one of these conditions or do you use anticoagulants or antibiotics, then first discuss the options with a doctor.

How should I take care of my (S)PMU after a treatment?

For an optimal healing process, the instructions below should be closely followed. If you have any questions about the after-treatment, do not hesitate to contact us as your specialist.

Day 1

30 minutes after the treatment you should gently clean the eyebrows with wet wipes (alcohol or parfum free). Do not touch the skin of the eyebrows with your hands. Bacteria live on your hands, which can increase the chance of an infection. Pat the eyebrows dry with a new cotton pad.

Then apply a thin layer of nourishing cream with a clean cotton swab, which you have received from your specialist (Phi Candy or a Vitamin A&E cream). The use of the cream stimulates the preservation of the pigment.

Repeat this treatment 3 times a day. If the treatment took place late in the afternoon or in the evening, perform the above procedure before going to bed. It is also recommended to cover the eyebrows with a piece of plastic cling film. This protects the eyebrows against possible touching (infection)

Day 2 to Day 7

In the next 6 days, you should apply the care cream twice a day. When washing the face, beware of the eyebrows; don't rub but dab the eyebrows.

What to avoid:

Day 1 to Day 7

  • do not apply a cream (day/night cream) to the eyebrows except for the nourishing cream you received
  • do not apply makeup to the eyebrows
  • avoid sports where you sweat a lot
  • do not go to the sauna, swimming pool or tanning studio
  • no steam or massage near the face
  • do not put sunscreen on the eyebrows

The first 30 days

It is recommended not to visit the swimming pool, tanning salon and/or sauna. No facial treatment, no (fruit acid) peeling, no microdermabrasion, no creams with growth factors, no laser treatments (this can affect the pigmented skin, causing pigment loss/burning). The use of antibiotics and hormonal treatments can affect the durability of the pigment (fade faster). Minimal in contact with direct sun or activities that can cause sweating.


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